1. Ocean Conservation 2. Support Small Businesses

3. Closed Loop System

4. Sustainable Metal, Packaging and Sourcing

5. Pricing 
Our involvement in Ocean Conservation is our mission, purpose and main motivator. We understand that no matter how eco-friendly your lifestyle, we still leave an impression on this planet. We want to help combat this by cleaning our beaches, raising awareness about the implications of over fishing, plastic pollution, global warming and more. To aid in this effort, we have dedicated 10% of profits to ocean conservation focused organizations both in Hawaii and the PNW.
As a small business yourselves, we understand the work and dedication it takes to simply keep the doors open. That's why we do our very best to support local small businesses any way we can by spreading the word and choosing their products first. Most of our packaging is sourced from small businesses in the USA that embody similar ethos to our own. 

At Coastal, it is our mission to help protect our earth by leaving little to no carbon footprint. This means operating on a "small batch" mentality. Each piece is made to order which reduces waste and saves on soldering materials.  

To take it a step further, we are also purchasing enough carbon removal to pull the equivalent amount of carbon that is released by shipments out of the atmosphere and safely store it.

At Coastal, we only use gold-filled metal that is sourced in the USA. Gold-filled is constructed to last with 100x more gold alloy than gold-plated. This means you can wear your jewels anywhere you please, without the worry of it tarnishing. This is not fast fashion, but rather an investment in a sustainable alternative that will last a lifetime. 

We also omit all plastic in our packaging. All marketing materials are made out of recycled materials to offset our impact. Many jewelry companies ship their items in boxes that have ribbon, magnets, custom tissue etc. (all are not recyclable). Whereas, our white cotton pouches can be used again and again. All the other shipping materials can simply be placed in your recycling bin.  


By eliminating the middle-man, we are able to deliver handmade, quality pieces without the traditional markup. Learn more about our fair pricing here.