You have a couple options for figuring out your ring size:

  1. You can visit a jewelry store and get your finger sized and/or try on their rings in a variety of sizes. We can make half sizes, so if you're in between two sizes ensure to take note of it!
  2. Measure the inside diameter of your finger with a string, measure with a ruler and use the chart below to find your ring size
  3. Purchase a ring sizer found here

*Please make sure you measure correctly. We are only responsible for sending you the ring in the size you provide us. 

 Ring Size (US) Diameter in mm
4.5 15.3 mm
5 15.7 mm
5.5 16.1 mm
6 16.5 mm
6.5 16.9 mm
7 17.3 mm
7.5 17.7 mm
8 18.1 mm
8.5 18.5 mm
9 19 mm
9.5 19.4 mm
10 19.8 mm
10.5 20.2 mm
11 20.6 mm 
11.5 21 mm


 We recommend using a ribbon or string to measure your ideal necklace length before purchasing your Coastal piece. Begin by wrapping it around the back of your neck and bring the two ends together to where you want your pendant to fall. Next, lay the ribbon alongside a ruler to see your desired length. Once you have this number, choose your length accordingly when purchasing. Please ensure this length is exact as we do not add extenders to the ends of our necklaces.